Sign Types

Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted Signs feature recessed backgrounds and raised text/graphics. Rubber sandblast mask is computer cut to your design and applied to a panel made from your chosen material. In the areas of the sign that will be recessed, the mask is removed to allow the sand to penetrate the panel surface and blast away the substrate. Your sandblasted sign is then painted, and or stained, to your color specifications.

CNC Routed Signs

CNC Routed Signs have engraved text and graphics with raised background. Designs are computer generated and outputted, via CNC software, to a router that precision cuts your design into your chosen material giving you a sign with a carved/engraved look. Your CNC routed sign is then painted, and or stained, to your color specifications.


The advantages to using wood for your dimensional sign panel are many, we can special order a custom wood of your choice. In the event that you are looking for an alternative to wood we stock several other materials for you to choose from.


Redwood Signs stand out for their beauty and deep red color. No other softwood has the rich beauty or long-lasting performance of Redwood. Redwood is less likely to warp, split, cup or check than any other wood. With Redwood, you get both natural beauty and exterior durability/performance. Redwood Signs utilizes kiln-dried Redwood, individual boards are edge laminated to create any custom panel size for a sign.


Cedar provides an alternative wood that has many of the same characteristics as Redwood, but the color of the wood is lighter and has a brown tone. Despite all of the advances in technology, nobody has been able to duplicate cedars unique characteristics and performance capabilities. Redwood Signs utilizes kiln-dried cedar, individual boards are edge laminated to create any custom panel size for a sign.


Extira is most easily described as a wood composite sheet material. Extira comes from the MDF family, but unlike MDF Extira is manufactured for the outdoors by using phenolic resins to bond the the wood particles together. Extira offers amazing resistance to moisture, rot and termites. Extira sandblasts with a pebbled textured background similar to HDU with slightly larger pebbles. Redwood Signs stocks Extira panels 1-1/4″ thick and available in sheet sizes of 48″x 96″ or smaller.

High Density Urethane

High Density Urethane has been used commercially as exterior insulation starting with the Saturn S-II moon launch vehicle in 1964, and as exterior insulation on the Alaskan Pipeline in 1970 (still in service currently). In addition to being used as insulation for homes, RV’s, water heaters, refrigerators, and freezers; it is used for signage, tooling, model-making, boat building, and in many other applications. Urethane is very versatile and track proven. Redwood Signs stocks HDU panels that are 1-1/2″ thick and available in sheet sizes of 48” x 96” or smaller.

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